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Dr. Michael Phelps, ISCA President

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Don't miss your opportunity to get your required Continuing Education Hours prior to June 30, 2016. Indiana Statute requires that every Licensed Chiropractor earns four hours of Risk Management credit annually.

The Indiana Stae Chiropractic Association offers Continuing Education through two annual conferences (Spring and Fall) and Regional Seminars held thoroughout the state. In keeping with the Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners' rules requiring CE information to be taught in a seminar setting, the ISCA no longer offers CE Videos for rental.

Regional Seminar Rates:

$235.00 - Member, $215.00 - Gold/Silver Member, $50.00 - Platinum Member, $310.00 - NonMember

Dates and Locations:

Plainfield, Thursday, May 19, 8 am - noon, Protecting Your Practice, Talcott, Dr. Robert Krause, 1729 E. Main, Plainfield

Evansville, Friday, May 20, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm, Protecting Your Practice, Talcott, Dr. Jay Rohleder,120 N. Fulton Ave, Evansville

Elkhart, Wednesday, June 1, 8 am - noon, Boundaries, Esteb, Dr. Mark Schneider, 1178 Fremont Court, Elkhart

West Lafayette, Thursday, June 2, 9 am - 1 pm, Boundaries, Esteb, Dr. Adam Cline, 1033 Sagamore Pkwy, West Lafayette

Bedford, Thursday, June 9, 8 am - noon, Boundaries, Esteb, Dr. James Edwards, 2129 16th Street, Bedford

Terre Haute, Thursday, June 9, 8 am - noon, Protecting Your Practice, Dr. Michael Toney, 1815 S. 3rd St., Terre Haute

New Palestine, Saturday, June 11, 8 am - noon and 1 pm - 5 pm, Co-Managing Patient Care - General Education, 4056 Arbor Lane, Suite 100, New Palestine

Osceola, Tuesday, June 14, 8 am - noon, Boundaries, Esteb, 5432 Lincolnway East, Oseola

Indianapolis, Thursday, June 23, 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm, Boundaries, Esteb, 4940 S. Emerson Ave., Indianapolis

Warsaw, Thursday, June 29, 8 am - 5 pm, Protecting Your Practice, Talcott, MORNING; Boundaries, Esteb, AFTERNOON; Dr. Kevin Day, 118 W. Market St., Warsaw

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Last Chance Seminar: "An Integration of PQRS and HIPAA" Thursday, June 16

Join the ISCA for the Last Chance Seminar: “An Integration of PQRS and HIPAA" on Thursday, June 16 from 8 am until 5 pm at the Yellow Rose Inn, 1441 N. Delaware, Indianapolis. Dr. Ty Talcott and Ces Soyring present as a team to show the integration of HIPAA and where it overlaps in the Medicare and electronic health records, etc.  These dynamic instructors tag team in a rapid-fire approach. 
Ces Soyring is a well-respected instructor of the “MasterCoding” series, Success4Conferences Consulting.  As part of this presentation, Ces will teach doctors, office managers and insurance clerks on how to handle Medicare ABNs, file PQRS codes and use the correct modifiers.  Offices will learn when an ABN is required, which PQRS codes to use and why modifiers are a must. 
This class is essential for anyone in healthcare that is a Medicare provider.  Audits an happen to both participating and non-par doctors.  The fines resulting for not filing PQRS codes are going up annually – You cannot afford to miss this class!

Dr. Ty Talcott joins the discussion to discuss the current state of HIPAA.  This philosophy of burying your head in the sand and not knowing all of the standards you are required to meet via HIPAA may have worked well, until about four years ago when massive changes took place.  The onset of electronic health records that moved millions of patient files out of doctors’ computers and into the cloud, combined with massive increases of mobile devices, set the stage for a perfect storm relative to the hacking of patient health information. As long as thieves can get $5 to $500 on the black market for patient health information files, they will continue to look for ways to steal your information, whether you are on an EMR system or not. 

Recently, the combination of the Anthem insurance hack (affecting 80 million individuals), two Blue Cross affiliate hacks (affecting 22 million people), the funding of HIPAA with an additional $4 million earmarked specifically for physician office audits and the fact that the law states all funds collected from fines must go back into additional increased enforcement show the reason you need to know what puts you in the crosshairs for the minimum $50,000 non-negotiable fines. 

Forewarning and being prepared is the only way to help assure you stay safe!

Dr. Ty Talcott is a certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert and has consulted to thousands of  health care practices relative to business development and protection.  He is a founding partner of IPA (Independent Physician Association) that credentialed participating doctors for contracting with HMO’s.
Attend four hours or the complete eight hours.  Members in Good Standing four hours: $235 and eight hours: $470.  $310 Non Members four hours and $620 for eight hours.  Gold/Silver Members pay $215 for four hours and $430 for eight hours.  Platinum Members pay $50 for four hours and $100 for eight hours.  To make your reservation, go to www.indianastatechiros.org or contact the ISCA office at 317-673-4245.


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Addressing Misinformation Regarding Chiropractic Services and Medicare

Attention ISCA Members: New Licensing and Permit Requirements have been put into effect that require anyone using radiation machines or radiopharmaceutical agents to be certified by the State Health Department



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