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Friday, March 4, 2016 5:30pm to 9:30pm
William Esteb, DC
Sponsored by Patient Media

Boundaries: How to Care Without Caring Too Much
The purpose of this course is to identify the many facets of the social contract between chiropractor and patient; how they are influenced by the relationship patients have had with their medical doctor and provide direction for implementing chiropractic-appropriate boundaries that enhance patient follow-through and better clinical results. Recognizing the most commonly-held patient beliefs that affect health choices and how they affect patient expectations and health care decision-making.

  • Definition of terms
  • The Sick Care-Life Care Paradigm
  • The “Belief Cascade” and patient priorities
  • Medical boundaries vs. chiropractic boundaries

The distinction between patient priorities and patient beliefs and how they predict patient behaviors and acceptance of chiropractic care as a lifestyle adjunct.

  • The “Connect the Dots” strategy
  • The “Socratic Method” strategy
  • The “Creating a Safe Place to Fail” strategy 

Discover the essential elements of a distinctly chiropractic social contract, how and when to implement it.

  • The pre-care interview (consultation)
  • The 12 key elements every patient should know
  • Methods for setting appropriate patient expectations
  • Q & A


Saturday, March 5, 2016 8am-Noon, 2:00-6:00pm
Mitch Mally, DC
Sponsored by Footlevers

The Secrets of Scapula Dynamics in Shoulder Conditions, Injuries and Syndromes

In this fast-paced, highly informative, exciting content-rich presentation, Dr. Mally features the anatomy, biomechanics, clinical and X-ray findings of the most common shoulder condition, injuries and syndromes. Dr. Mally will demonstrate his authentic "sniper specific" techniques for adjusting the scapula, with live audience participation. Attendees will be exposed to Dr. Mally's unique procedures, protocols and enhanced clinical outcomes. Plus, learn how to highlight your practice toward becoming the Leading Extremity Expert in YOUR Community.


Saturday, March 5, 2016 8am-Noon, 2:00-6:00pm
Panel Presentation with Dr. Tony Origer
Sponsored by Methodist Sports Medicine

Co-Managing Patient Care with Allied Health Professionals - A Team Approach

Tony Origer, D.C., A.T.C/L, chiropractic physician and certified athletic trainer, will be moderating a panel presentation that will discuss a series of cases he and other allied health professionals have managed together in his private practice. The panel presentation will cover these learning objectives:

The necessity of advanced imaging in directing patient care;

Cases of spinal injuries beyond subluxation that involve common spinal injuries beyond the scope of chiropractic care.

Spinal stress fracture case histories including examination, advanced imaging, and management of spinal stress fractures.

Managing sacroiliac joint injuries that are non-responsive to conservative management.

Common hip pathologies that mimic sacroiliac joint dysfunction and imaging findings as well as co-management of hip joint conditions.

Advanced imaging for the spine.

Information on the integration of chiropractic care within the medical community as well as networking and communicating with various allied health professionals.




Sunday, March 6, 2016 8 am-Noon
Dr. Ty Talcott, CHPSE
Sponsored by HIPAA Compliance Services

“Protecting Your Practice in an Overregulated World; Addressing the Four Newest Regulatory Threats while Implementing an ‘A-Z’ HIPAA Compliance Program”

Physician office HIPAA audits on the way!!!! Between the target of the government to audit 100% of doctors during meaningful use phase 2 under EHR systems and the announcement that the budget for 2016 will be the same as the budget for 2015 for enforcement by OCR of HIPAA, there was also an addition of $4 million to the budget specifically earmarked for physician office audits! This is in addition to meaningful use audits! Part of the reason is that the entire history of the HIPAA law (almost 20 years) has seen 14,500 patient complaints to Health and Human Services about HIPAA, however the last year has seen 15,500 complaints-more in one year than all of the history of the law!

As well the office of the Inspector General investigated the office of civil rights and found that the office of civil rights was not living up to its legislative mandate to do proactive audits prior to incidents in physician offices relative to HIPAA, therefore they are mandating that OCR start to do additional audits on entities covered under HIPAA to meet up to their legislative mandate-therefore even more audits on the way--

If you don't have a HIPAA compliant risk analysis, ISAR, about 80-100 pages of policies, and have met over a dozen other HIPAA standards you will likely be a statistic and if you're found in willful neglect it is a minimum $50,000 fine up to 1.5 million in any given year.

It is time to assure you are ahead of the wave and ready to surf it versus being a statistic that is swamped under the weight of HIPAA!


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