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4 hours Risk Management

Issues Confronting Today's Chiropractor

Friday March 13, 5:30-9:30 PM

Dr. Evan Gwilliam

ICD-10 is upon us.  Are you ready for the transition?  Do you know how to select the new codes?  Do you know what the documentation will need to look like?  Do know where to go if you have questions?  Have you budgeted for the software, books, and other training necessary?  This course will answer all of these questions for you and get you on the path to making a smooth transition.  The instructor, Dr. Evan Gwilliam of the ChiroCode Institute, is the only Chiropractic Physician who is also a Certified ICD-10 Instructor by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

In this session, you will learn the basics of ICD-10, understand how to select the right codes and document them properly and put together an implementation plan so that you can minimize interruptions to your clinic.

Note: Registrants are able to order a copy of the ChiroCode Complete and Easy ICD-10 book for $129.00 with registration. If you already own a copy, please remember to bring it with you as this workship is very "hands-on". This book is not required for the presentation but is strongly recommended.


Active Care & Multi-Disciplinary Relationships: Keys to Success for the 21st Century Chiropractic Practice

Saturday March 14, 8:00 AM-12PM and 2-6:00 PM

Dr. Kurt A. Juergens

In the morning session, Dr. Juergens will discuss “The Landscape of America from a Health Perspective” that includes cost drivers in health care today.  He will review building interdisciplinary relationships and how to improve patient outcomes with active care. The session includes information about the biomechanics and conditions of the foot as well as evaluation and management of acute low back pain and stretching techniques for UE, LE and the spine.
Throughout the program, case studies will be used for illustration.

In the afternoon, Dr. Juergens will review post-operative knee rehabilitation and shoulder anatomy and conditions.   Upper and lower extremity stretching techniques will be reviewed and the discussion will end with corporate relationships including corporate health fairs, corporate lecture series and corporate wellness director/medical director.

Both sessions include break-out sessions for hands-on demonstrations.


Management of Lumbar Disc Derangements

Saturday, March 14, 8:00 AM -12PM and 2-6:00 PM

Dr. William E. Morgan

Dr. Morgan’s presentation covers four modules that are broken down to be covered in two sessions.

Session 1:  In this morning session, you will define lumbar disc derangements and the mechanism of injury. You will define the realistic expectations of managing lumbar disc derangements including timely referrals to other specialties as appropriate. Dr. Morgan will discuss the clinical presentation of lumbar disc derangements and review the concepts of centralization and peripheralization of radicular symptoms.   You will learn to perform a detailed examination.

Session 2: Attend the afternoon session and continue the discussion to learn about lumbar anatomy on MRI. You will identify potentially harmful postures along with useful remedies: sitting, standing, sleeping, driving, squatting, lifting and other ADLs will be reviewed. You will be able to identify and differentiate various lumbar disc derangements on the MRI and learn to interpret other common conditions on the MRI. You will also
understand how to correctly implement a rehabilitative program for patients with disc derangements and apply chiropractic adjustme.


ChiroCode: Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software

Sunday March 15, 8:00 AM - 12PM

Dr. Bryan Weissman

Four hour class discussing how to make the best use electric health records and practice management software.  Speed up documentation, cut out useless information, while staying compliant with the required components of different levels of Evaluation and Management encounters as well as daily visits. Covering concerns for risk management as well as audit protection.  Review of software pros and cons, and what EHR should do for you.  Learn with a hands on approach on how to implement the GEM (General Equivalence Mappings) tool from within your software for easy migration from ICD9 to ICD10 coding.   This excellent follow up class reviews many of the basics covered by Dr Gwilliam’s ICD10 lecture and will concentrate on case management examples to practice in class.  Dr Weissman brings a fun and interactive style of learning, which will make the 4 hours fly by.  You will leave enriched with the skills needed to use your EHR with super compliant notes and ready for ICD10 diagnostic coding.



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