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The ISCA is a community of Doctors supporting each other.  


When you pledge your support to the ISCA, you are supporting the profession you know and love. ISCA membership dues are investments in programs that benefit the chiropractic profession, including legal and legislative advocacy, and public education. Here are just a few of the many reasons YOU should be an ISCA member and strengthen the association that best represents YOUR professional interests! 


In order to reap the full benefits that an ISCA membership can offer, you must be actively involved and engaged. The more involved you are as an ISCA member, the better we can understand your needs and in turn, be more effective for the chiropractic profession. This is true of many things we encounter in life, “The benefit you earn is directly proportional to the effort you put forth.” 


The ISCA offers a wide array of benefits for our members. In addition to receiving discounted or free seminars, free classified ads, and highly deductible membership dues, the ISCA offers the following member benefits: 


TOP 10 Things the ISCA Does for You – It’s Members 

To become a member of ISCA:
You may use our new online application to join the ISCA!

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You may also download a printable Membership Application
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