Member Benefits

Dear Doctors of Chiropractic,
On behalf of the ISCA, we cordially invite you to join our strong association - The Voice of Chiropractic in Indiana. For more than 40 years, the ISCA has served doctors, assistants, patients, and others affiliated with the practice of chiropractic. JOIN TODAY and IMMEDIATELY begin taking advantage of these ISCA Member benefits Critical to Your Practice and Profession:
·         A Lobbying Team working on your behalf.   The ISCA is considered the VOICE of chiropractic at the Indiana Legislature!  Don’t miss out on the chance to make your voice heard!  Also, the ISCA is the only state to offer the DC of the Day program at the State Legislature.  JOIN TODAY - ONLY MEMBERS will receive updates on the CHIROPRACTIC PRACTICE ACT!
·         Have a specific question about your profession or practice?  Only MEMBERS receive this Q&A service!!   The ISCA keeps you informed providing you with the latest information on Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, workers compensation and a gamut of other issues you face in your practice
YOU ARE CRITICAL TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION!  JOIN THE INDIANA STATE CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!   INVOLVEMENT with the ISCA keeps you on top of trends and developments and strengthens efforts to advance the profession in Indiana.  The ISCA helps you cut through the clutter of information, keeping you updated on issues that affect you and your practice.   
By working together, both professionally and politically, we can achieve much greater successes. It is only because of the collective efforts of our lobbying team, the Board of Directors, and the support of our membership that we continue to enjoy having one of the best states in which to practice.
We would be proud to have you as a member, and we wish you much success in your practice.
Dr. Diane Vuotto, Chair Membership Committee

TOP 10 Things the ISCA Does for You – It’s Members