Message From The President

President's Message -


Dr. Toby Harmon, D.C.

The ISCA is committed to being the leading chiropractic organization in Indiana by providing information and resources to its members, helping doctors navigate questions and challenges, and protecting chiropractic in Indiana through lobbying activities and legislative relationships.

While we can recognize our previous successes from the ISCA, it is important that we continue to listen and meet the needs of our members and profession in our state. We will continue to work to add more member benefits and resources to your ISCA membership. Our most recent additions are the changes to our online CE platform which offers many new continuing education opportunities. Very soon our new and updated website will launch and provide better resources and communication with our members as well as provide information for patients for chiropractic information and care in Indiana.

Thank you for your past and continued support as a member of the ISCA. If you are not a member, there is no more important time than now. Consider joining today in support of our profession. You will be included in all the communications and correspondence from the ISCA as well as the numerous member benefits. If you have not received our email communications, please let us know and update your email address on our distribution list. Please look for Facebook and Instagram posts from the ISCA to help promote the benefits of chiropractic, and “Like” and “Share” our social media posts on your own platforms.

The mission of the Indiana State Chiropractic Association (ISCA) is to represent the chiropractic profession, promote its public image, and contribute to quality health care on state and national levels. We all know that we work in the greatest profession in the world, but it still takes regular and concerted efforts at the state and national level, by organizations like the ISCA to pass legislation to ensure our continued success as a profession.

Your contribution and involvement with the ISCA is essential to the chiropractic profession. Contributing your time, talent, and treasure are essential to help the ISCA continue to provide the support and promote our profession and practices. Your membership and participation with the ISCA is vital now more than ever before, and will assist us in continuing to provide the most up to date and relevant information for your practices. The challenges we all face in practice are best battled if we use our combined resources, time and knowledge to support our profession as a whole. The ISCA focuses on continuing to provide tools and resources to support the profession as a whole, while to protect your right to practice in each of your unique offices.

Our continued success as chiropractors in Indiana is intricately tied to the efforts of the ISCA. If you have any questions or feel called to give back to the chiropractic profession, and would like to be a part of the progress in Indiana, please speak to any one of our board members and get involved today! 

Yours in Chiropractic,

Dr. Toby Harmon

ISCA President